Virginia Birth Records
Jan 1, 1720 to Dec 31 1729
Date                  Child                              Father                            Mother                Location            Misc  

Mar. 10 1721     Henry Hayles                   LInton Hayles                 Sarah                 Isle of Wight

Mar 24 1721       Mary Goodrich                Jonathan Goodrich          Goodrich            Isle of Wight

Aug. 11 1722     Ann Morland                    Thomas Morland             Mary                  Isle of wight        born at 2am. 

May 4 1725        Rice Hooe                      Rice Hooe                      Katherine            Stafford/KG 

July 3 1725     Sarah Vaint                      William Vaint                  Catherine               Stafford/kg     

June 11 1727     Mary Dade                      Henry Dade                     Elizabeth           Stafford/KG

Oct 15 1727       Richard Hooe                  Rice Hooe                      Katherine           Stafford/KG

Oct 31 1727      William Foote                  Richard Foote                  Katherine           Stafford/KG  

Nov 15 1727      Anthony Thornton            Anthony Thornton             Winifred             Stafford/KG 

Nov 15 1727      Catherine Carrol               Benjamin Carrol              Joyce                 Isle of wight

Mar 30 1728     Behethland                      John Polly                      Mary                  Stafford/KG

Oct 5 1728        Frances                          Philip Alexander             Sarah                  Stafford only book

Jan 12 1729       Jane                               Philip Alexander              Sarah                Stafford only book

Mar. 15 1729     John Brantley                  William Brantley              mary                  Isle of Wight       
If you find an ancestor on these births pages and know the mothers MAIDEN name please email me with it so i can add it to the listing. A thought "If there were five kids, all named john smith and all the fathers were john smith, wouldn't it be helpful to know the mothers maiden name so you could figure out which one belonged to you. So you would know which ancestor was yours? That's why i am requesting the mothers maiden name. Just so i can add it to the listing listed below.