IN VIRGINIA
This will probably be one of the slower growing pages, but it will grow.
This is the page of "Before", and this is what i mean:
Most of the County books have Land Grants or Will's or other sections.
Most of them have a group I call the "Before".
Which means, for example:
John Smith Died April. 1. 1700 and left a will naming his Daughter Elizabeth Johnson as an Heir. Well then we know that Elizabeth Smith was married to Mr Johnson BEFORE April 1. 1700 and the marriages books will record it that way.
BEFORE         GROOM                         BRIDE                           LOCATION

1678                Thomas Alley                  Mary Jennings widow       Isle of Wight       dec'd hus. john jennings    

1681                Henry Ascough                Joane Hughson  widow    Henrico              hus. robert hughson dec'd

April 2 1688      Thomas Batte jr.             Temperence Brown          Henrico               dad john brown dec'd   

Aug 1 1689       Thomas Branch                Elizabeth Archer           Henrico               dad dec'd george archer

1693                 Henry Allen                     Mary Boazman               Isle of Wight       dad Ralph Boazman

Oct 1 1695       Christopher Branch          Ann Sherman                  Henrico               dad Henry Sherman

1704                Thomas Allen                  Martha Rutter widow       Isle of Wight       walter rutter dec'd  husband

1704                Jeloff Alderson jr.             Rebecca Hatton              Richmond county (1st m) she died b/f 1728 see notes

1711                Henry Applewhaite           Ann Marshall                  Isle ofWight        dad Humphry Marshall 

1712               John Allen                       Elizabeth Selloway          Isle of Wight       dad John Selloway

1722               Thomas Allen                   Honour Fuller                 Isle of Wight       dad Ezekial Fuller

1725                William Bradley               Hester Bridgwater           Henrico               dad thomas bridgwater

1741                John Armistead               Hannah Harrison              Richmond county dad william harrison see notes

1745               Arthur Applewhaite           Jane Moscrop                 Isle of Wight       Dad thomas moscrop 

1761                 William Allgood               Elizabeth Pursell            Richmond county dad tobias pursell

1762                Aaron Allmand                Ann Harrison                   Isle of Wight       dad William Harrison       

1762                John Clarkson                 Sarah Bridgewater           Henrico County   dad joseph bridgewater

1762                Walter Anderson             Ann Thorton                    Richmond County dad thomas thorton see notes.

1764               Thomas Applewhaite         Mary Archer                    Isle of Wight       edward archer 

1767                William Barber                 Elizabeth Jones              Richmond County dad edward jones           

1769                John Adams                   Mary Washington            Isle of Wight       dad arthur washington

1778               Thomas Adams               Mary Rawlings                Isle of Wight       dad John Rawlings

1778               Isaac Allmand                 Mary Wiggs widow           Isle of Wight       dec'd hus. george wiggs

1779               Henry Applewhaite           Sarah Miller                    Isle of Wight        dad Nicholas Miller

1779                Paul Thillman                  Sally Dudley                   Caroline County  proved by Nathaniel Norment 

1781                Francis Fletcher              Nanny Collins                 Culpeper            Her Dad Thomas Collins 

1786               Mills Applewhaite             Margaret Harrison           Isle of Wight         
1792               Arthur Applewhaite          Ridley Wilson                   Isle of wight        dad George Wilson