ROUGH DRAFT, needs LOTS of work

[I ELIZA BRAY TYLER of the BOROUGH OF NORFOLK being in low health but I trust in sound mind earnestly wishing to separate my thoughts and even my affection from the things of the world and endeavor to arrange my domestic matters and to devote the very small sum I have and little property committed to my keeping to such persons as I shall assign that when my lord and master shall call I may be ready and say joyfully I hear LORD they servant waits for the trusting on him that has promised that whosoever will call on him he will in no ways cast out this is my hope for I feel I have no strength of my own.
I am embolden to ask a great favor of my dear son in law CONWAY WHITTLE but as I have never made one that was not cheerfully and affectionately granted me and this maybe the last. I feel confidence in asking.
For the first place, I wish him to take entire possession of my house and furniture and HANNAH and my papers until such time as his convenience and business will permit him to attend to them then in the presence of W. ARMSTRONG and my two dear daughters read the this paper to them and then act on it as I direct in the first place.
I leave and order to divide the small sum as justly and properly as I can the sums given to my ARMSTRONG children. I wish my executor to pay in the hand of both their parents to be disposed of by him as I have directed.
I have in the VIRGINIA BANK $575 dollars which my executrix will draw out and retain in his hands $100 to keep up necessary expenses or any small debts and the doctor this done he will proceed to pay each person their portion to JAMES ARMSTRONG I bequeath $100 dollars VIRGINIA money to be put to interest by his father until it accumulates sufficiently to purchase him a bank share and to turn it over until he comes of age 21 or marries in that case the capital and interest to be paid him. I also "I also wish his uncle to give him my chamber passage tables, I use commonly, they being called family. Then also my portraits and black leather hung in his chamber.
[P157] Also the books for himself and his brother to the exception of those I shall mention to my Grandson WILLIAM ARMSTRONG I give $50 DOLLARS to be paid by my executor to his parents for him to be put out to interest as brothers not to be touched until he comes of age say 21 or marries then the capital and interest paid him. I also wish his uncle W. to leave him a small press of stained wood not exceeding $10 to be given to him to use in his room. Also a POOR MANTURE TRUNK that was his UNCLE LEWIS’S.
I also give to little ADELAIDE ARMSTRONG $50 dollars to be paid by my executor to her mother for her to be put out to interest until she shall arrive at the age 18 or marries then the whole sum paid to her.
To my dear second daughter MARY ELIZA WHITTLE I request my executor to retain in his hands $100 dollars for her to be put to interest for her until the sum shall accommodate sufficiently to purchase bank stock the sum kept out until she comes to the age of 18 or marries in that case I wish her father to pay the whole to her or if anything should happen to him which I pray will not I then appoint her mother to attend to it for her
I also bequeath to her and I hope her father will install her in her right to my bed and curtains and dining room curtains and everything appertaining to a lady’s bed. Also my candle stand, her small table called her----- brass fender the poker in the dining room, her father gave me.
Also the white butter stand, the 2 engravers on the chimney in the dining room. All my flowers and with the pots D.D. portrait  MISS H. MORE’S works and the book she gave me 5 years ago.
All my gilt tea china and tea board cut glass, the sugar dish, cream pot and large gilt plates 5 small ones hold a dozen tea spoons, sugar tongs and the ---- she bought one from the springs.
I  also give Peace LATTIMORE WHITTLE $50 dollars to be kept at interest for her until shall arrive at the age of 18 or marries in that case the whole to be paid her by her father or mother.
I also leave her my small dressing table that was her Grandmothers STITHE and the secretary of her Aunt LOYALLS. Also MISS H. MORE’S “Life and the pleasure of hope” give to me by her mother. Also the 2 paintings in my room, also the coal scuttles a present from her father. And also the curtains, he bought me and the blue milk pot. Those things I beg her parents to let them use directly.
I now come to my dear little adopted god daughter though last not least of all through divine peace to her mother. I look with confidence and hope that she will spare no expense to make her a Christian native has done a wonderful part by her but of all things, I be her dear and capable mother to be careful of her religious duties.
I bequeath to her $100 dollars of my bank stock which my executor will pay to her father and mother to be put out to interest until the sum shall increase so as to purchase a bank share and kept out for her future advantage until she shall arrive at the age of 18 or marries in that case the whole to be paid her interest and capital.
I also bequeath my friend to make sale either at the house or auction all my furniture and kitchen furniture to the exception of those mentioned.
I give to REBECCA ARMSTRONG her aunts chest of draws and glass wash stand blue base and mahogany chairs and scriptural beads and the peoples on my chamber and the small piece of panting of her mothers.
I also give for her my wardrobe for her immediate use everything but my brown silk that is for her cousin M.E.W. and the fur/tea tipet for peace
Beg my executor to pay to my daughter ADELAIDE ARMSTRONG all the ---- as of the sale for the purpose of aiding her in the education of Rebecca
I am particularly anxious that she shall acquire the act of painting as I find she has a particular turn that way
I beg her dear mother to convey to her beloved father’s portrait and brothers miniature.
Also my plate candlestick slice and ---  the shears , I set in was dear MARY’S, I also request my dear daughter CHLOE WHITTLE to accept my 5 desert spoons and 2 salt spoons, also the 2 flour pots being the property of her sister LOYAL and 2 green plates
I also beg my executor to accept my 2 cut glass decanters and wine glasses 2 with handles.
I also so do devise and direct whenever a division shall take place and make sale or westbury that small portion that falls to me in fee simple by the decrease of my beloved daughter R.C. LOYALL
I do give my friend CONWAY WHITTLE without one other direction but that it should be his to do with it as he may think proper in consideration of his liberality in giving me for 5 years that portion of his rent.
I also beg my friend to send my dear friends portrait to his daughter M.R. from me also the 2 shades her father gave me.
P.S. I forgot to mention the WORKS of WALTER SCOT given me their father,
I beg my --- dear granddaughters to use between them I give my bible.
to REBECCA ARMSTRONG, my rocking chair to M.E.W. my brown silk dress and cape
My --- to peace in regards to HANNAH, I have always wished and intended to emancipate her at my death.
I know she could not maintain herself, as I kept her, I kept her and I do not wish to hold a slave at my death I therefore request my executor to have her emancipate her and I hope my 3 sons in law that know her to interest themselves for her to remain in the state thus is still $25 dollars remaining of the $500.75 I wish my executors to pay it to her to emancipate her and chamber carpet.

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